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“Powered by SaaS” B2B Marketing Campaign

GoodData, a BI (business intelligence) SaaS provider, wanted to build a differentiated narrative around its position and drive awareness, engagement, and ultimately, sales of its “Powered by SaaS” product for Independent Software…
July 12, 2018
Global Messaging and tech corporate presentation example Blog Post

Global Messaging for a Tech Behemoth

Our team's in-house high tech subject matter expertise is what many of our clients have come to rely on over the years. Whether it's distilling complicated subjects into compelling content,…
October 8, 2017
GoTransverse Campaign Strategy for the SaaS Vertical Blog Post

Campaign Strategy for the SaaS Vertical

goTransverse asked PMG to create a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) framework and campaign, with a list of recommended strategies for each tier of targets, based on level of effort and…
July 26, 2017
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Client Relationships That Last

I got my start in marketing over ten years ago on the agency side of the equation, managing client strategies, accounts, and relationships, before making a transition over to the…
November 3, 2016

Meet PMG

We build brand and drive demand for tech and SaaS companies. Comprised of senior marketers, PMG is an agency that specializes in developing content marketing and demand generation campaigns that…
February 1, 2016