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I-90, an aerospace design and manufacturing alliance in the Pacific Northwest, came to PMG for help with branding and the creation of a logo system and brand guidelines, as well as collateral for B2B content marketing.

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Branding & Creative

The I-90 Aerospace Corridor is a newly formed network of organizations whose mission it is to promote the aerospace industry and drive expansion of the supply chain along Interstate 90 from central Washington through northern Idaho to central Montana. PMG was approached to create a logo system, brand guidelines, trade show graphics and brochure collateral.

Designed multiple logo options with the chosen concept using the silhouette of a plane inside the shape of an interstate symbol. The wingspan is in the approximate location of the dividing line of an actual interstate sign. Blue and gray represent sky and road.

I-90 branding guide
i90 magazine mockup showing transportation options to Spokane international airport


Worked with members of the I-90 Aerospace Corridor for the collection of content, photography, quotes and statistical data. Provided recommendations and direction throughout the process of building this new brand and developing a comprehensive brochure for use at various national and international trade shows.

i90 magazine mockup showing transportation options to Spokane international airport

Client Testimonial

We had a complex project with a number of different stakeholders and a tight time frame. The team at PMG showed superior project management, and we received a quality product with time to spare.

Mark NortonChair of Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium

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