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Healthwise Messaging Guide 2

The Challenge

Healthwise, a nonprofit healthcare organization, provides educational content for health insurance companies and medical providers. Healthwise is the market leader for its initial service offering: developing consumer-facing content for insurance providers, however the company wanted to drive market share in the fiercely competitive medical provider market. The company’s leadership was seeking objective, strategic work to progress its messaging and creative, which would drive marketing initiatives for the upcoming event season.

As a nonprofit, Healthwise needed a marketing partner who could cater to its unique needs, operations, and scale. PMG stood out to Healthwise because of our expertise in B2B digital strategy, our experience with SaaS, and our roster of Fortune 50 clients.

Healthwise Mood Boards by PMG

The Healthwise story needed to reflect our passion for the impact our work has in the real world and convey that we are looking to create meaningful partnerships.

Phyllis RoystonVP Marketing & Communications, Healthwise

The Solution

PMG worked with Healthwise to refresh its brand messaging and develop updated creative assets to fuel marketing efforts. Drawing on our deep experience in establishing and refining brand identity, PMG cultivated a memorable brand voice for Healthwise, along with a strong narrative to support the value of the client’s offering.

Our seasoned content strategists then leveraged buyer personas to create a dozen distinct messaging tracks to enable Healthwise to target key accounts across channels.

A complicating factor was that Healthwise needed this work completed in time for a busy schedule of conferences and tradeshows. The tight turnaround time required PMG to quickly get to the heart of the Healthwise brand and business, delivering foundational strategy and campaign creative in just 8 weeks.

Healthwise Branding Column

We carefully orchestrated the project to ensure we were in lockstep with the Healthwise team, gleaning insights from in-house experts and brand evangelists. In the end, I credit our success to solid communication and hyper-focused discovery.

Director of Content, PMG

The Result

PMG delivered messaging and a fresh campaign in just 8 weeks.

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Healthwise Social Mockups by PMG

In a remarkably short time given the scope of work, PMG captured the essence of our mission and created the look and feel we were after.

Phyllis RoystonVP Marketing & Communications, Healthwise

What We Delivered

Messaging Framework

To build a cohesive messaging framework for Healthwise, PMG first developed three brand pillars, each anchored by a narrative and specific, data-driven proof points.

Next, we took this messaging and customized it for 12 personas to enable more personalized, targeted marketing initiatives for priority prospects.

Having completed the messaging framework, PMG created an elevator pitch to immediately communicate the value of Healthwise to target markets.

Healthwise Messaging Guide 1
Healthwise Messaging Guide 3

Creative Campaign

Once the messaging framework was in place, PMG explored concepts that would direct the next campaign. We created three unique campaign paths for Healthwise to consider, leveraging the new messaging framework we built. 

Upon concept selection, we moved forward with developing sample creative assets in a variety of formats to empower the Healthwise team to execute the campaign across channels.

The final piece was an internal Campaign Guide to align the Healthwise team around the campaigns. Not only did the Campaign Guide give the campaign a visual representation, but it also serves as inspiration for Healthwise to extend the same voice, look, and feel into additional work.

creative campaign example for a Fintech brand relaunch in Portland Oregon
Healthwise Messaging Guide 2

From the Client

This campaign aligns perfectly with our mission-based values while helping us tell a bigger story that elevates our impact and resonates with our target market.

Phyllis RoystonVP Marketing & Communications, Healthwise

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