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The Challenge

DataCore, a pioneer in software-defined storage (SDS), wanted to educate hospital IT departments about the benefits of virtualizing their data storage structure.

The hospital IT space is competitive but packed with use cases for DataCore’s technology. They needed a digital marketing campaign to generate high-quality leads in this specific vertical while collecting insights to shape future demand-generation campaigns in other industries.

SDS offers incredible flexibility and scalability, and it's cost effective. With these advantages, you'd think everyone would be virtualizing their data storage, but DataCore knew they needed to educate their market about the benefits of their solution. That’s where we came in.

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The Solution

PMG worked hand-in-hand with DataCore to develop new marketing content and reposition existing assets to speak to the needs of healthcare providers. Our team created ads targeting decision-makers in healthcare IT through messaging strategies and engaging design elements like animation. As the campaign unfolded, we assessed and optimized our approach to ensure target customer engagement.

Deeply understanding our clients’ offering, the needs of their targeted customers, and critically and creatively analyzing results to drive continuous optimization—that’s the PMG difference that generates remarkable results.

DataCore iMac screen with FUD2 ad by PMG

The Result

Through campaign optimizations and multivariate ad testing, PMG was able to increase DataCore’s leads
by 78% within 30 days.

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What We Delivered

Digital Marketing Campaign

PMG researched and planned a multifaceted demand generation campaign targeting decision-makers in the hospital IT vertical.

We A/B tested two distinct messaging tracks to understand which resonated more with our audience. Our campaign leveraged social ads on LinkedIn and Twitter, search, display ads, and retargeting through RollWorks.

Our most successful tactics were:

  • Display ads on healthcare IT news hubs
  • Sponsored LinkedIn posts for lead gen
  • Rollworks retargeting ads featuring technical copy and FUD-based messaging
DataCore iMac screen hero landing page by PMG
DataCore campaign FUD ad by PMG
DataCore campaign FUD2 ad by PMG

Campaign review and optimization

Midway through the campaign, PMG assessed the incoming results and recognized an opportunity to bring in more leads. While the campaign was successfully increasing brand awareness, PMG proposed a major strategic pivot to increase lead volume. For instance, we focused on promoting top-of-funnel content, made our copy more technical, and shifted to a FUD-driven messaging model.

PMG optimized and relaunched the campaign creative and audience targeting, increasing performance across critical metrics including click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. PMG also created a digital plan to be leveraged for DataCore’s other verticals.

DataCore FUD 2 optimized ads by PMG

See How We Increased DataCore’s Lead Flow By 78%

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