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b2b content marketing

The Objective

Integra Telecom (now part of Zayo) came to PMG looking for creative ways of communicating the value of its fiber-based networking solutions through the lens of the customer. PMG crafted a unique narrative and integrated outbound campaign around the theme of big data and identified key benefits big data can deliver to enterprise organizations, as well as the technical challenges it creates. Then, we positioned Integra’s fiber networking products as an essential solution.

PMG produced four pieces of premium content for the campaign, including an online “Bandwidth Calculator” to determine how much bandwidth an organization might need to meet big data demands. In tandem, PMG developed a comprehensive distribution strategy spanning the Integra Telecom website and blog, social and digital advertising properties, and email and newsletter communications.

A dedicated “Big Data” resource page was created on Integra’s main website to host the assets, with a unique landing page for each asset. The buyer’s guide and Bandwidth Calculator rested behind integrated Eloqua forms to maximize lead generation opportunities, with data inputs on the calculator syncing to Salesforce to inform sales’ approach during follow-up activities.

Additionally, our team worked on a comprehensive inbound/outbound campaign and worked with Integra to segment their prospect and customer databases, curating outbound email marketing and newsletter mailing lists to support net new and upsell sales goals.

In total, the campaign generated $9.6M in pipeline and $4.2M in annual recurring revenue.

What We Delivered

An end-to-end integrated campaign including development of messaging and positioning, creative concepts, premium content such as infographics and an interactive video, as well as a complete paid, owned and earned distribution strategy.

Campaign Strategy

Our team crafted a unique narrative around the theme of Big Data and the benefits organizations can gain from leveraging it. We provided a 4-step plan to capture the business opportunity with a strong call-to-action to get “Big Gains with Big Data” and Integra Telecom.

b2b content marketing
b2b content marketing

Animated Video Content

Our team developed a companion video that used animated content from the Big Data infographic. Services included storyboarding, scripting, and selecting/managing the voice talent.

b2b content marketing

B2B-Oriented Buyer’s Guide

To help business decision makers evaluate service providers, we crafted a “Buyer’s Guide” that included technical requirements, the advantages of Ethernet, and questions to ask prospective vendors. We positioned Integra Telecom as the premier Ethernet provider for enterprise organizations.

b2b content marketing
b2b content marketing

Online Bandwidth Calculator

Our team concepted and designed an online Bandwidth Calculator, incenting prospects to calculate their needs. We partnered with Integra SMEs to design a backend formula and customizable form fields to produce individual results. We worked with Integra’s Sales Operations to connect the form fields to Salesforce inputs and required emails to receive the custom report.

b2b content marketing

Multi-Touch Email Program

For the email component, we segmented Integra’s prospect and customer databases, curating outbound email marketing and newsletter mailing lists to support net new and upsell sales goals. Then we developed seven emails and four newsletter segments with associated triggers to accelerate movement down the funnel and, ultimately, drive conversion.

b2b content marketing
b2b content marketing

Online Content Hub & Landing Pages

Next up, we created a dedicated “Big Data” resource page on Integra’s main website to host the assets along with unique landing pages stemming from the hub for each piece of premium content.

b2b content marketing

Digital Distribution Strategy

Integra then launched a comprehensive inbound/outbound campaign, driving traffic to the centralized location on Integra’s site. PMG crafted a series of blog posts for each asset that were promoted on paid, owned and earned media channels, including: Outbrain, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our team closely monitored activity, adjusting spend and message while driving interaction, engagement, and inbound traffic for optimal results.

b2b content marketing

From the Client

We are delighted with the work done by PMG, and the value it delivers across multiple channels of our organization.

Michelle WinnettSr. Director Channel Marketing, Integra

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