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5g Webinar Example

The Objective

For more than 10 years, PMG has served as a strategic partner to a Fortune 50 silicon chip maker, providing messaging, content, thought leadership, and more to key teams within the organization. This client came to PMG because of our agency’s rich heritage in tech and our team’s extensive knowledge of the wireless space.

We work with this client to help define and communicate the story of its best-in-class technologies, including standards, technologies, testing, trials, platforms, products, and solutions.

PMG’s work in crafting the company’s messaging has been translated across all of its communications channels–from web content, blogs, product content and webinars, to event demonstrations, video scripts, trainings, and more.

The company’s confidence in PMG’s ability to tell compelling stories about complicated, emerging technologies is so strong that PMG has become its preferred partner for executive thought leadership content, such as editorials, blog posts, and contributed articles. PMG’s capacity to deliver top-quality marketing content on often tight timelines has made the company a go-to resource, resulting in expansion into new groups and teams within the organization.

What We Delivered

PMG is helping one of the largest tech companies in the world define its vision and position in the future of 5G. From messaging and positioning, to content development and web strategy, to executive keynotes, thought leadership pieces, and social posts, PMG is their strategic partner for all things 5G.

5G Landing Page

As their partner of choice for wireless marketing, PMG has developed global messaging for the company’s connectivity solutions in 4G LTE, and now 5G, for use across mediums and channels, including their online presence. PMG recently created a content strategy for the central hub of their 5G initiatives, spanning the network, cloud, and client device. As part of the project, PMG provided guidance on categories of content, hierarchy, and placement, while also drafting all approved copy. 

5G Landing Page for a Fortune 50 Silicon Chip Maker, example
5G Infographic for a Fortune 50 Silicon Chip Maker, example

5G Infographics

PMG helps the client drive awareness for its 5G technologies with a range of content, designed to speak not just to technical but also business audiences. The “5G Effect” infographic, one of many written and designed by PMG, outlines the business use cases and financial impacts for 5G across verticals. The graphic was accompanied by landing page copy and a social strategy with graphic elements.

5g Infographic highlight


PMG provides the company with comprehensive messaging frameworks, presentation content, case studies, and social media strategies for international trade show events and other high profile engagements to maximize reach and impact while ensuring a cohesive narrative.

Messaging for a Fortune 50 Silicon Chip Maker, example
Example keynote presentation for a A Fortune 50 Silicon Chip Maker

Thought Leadership

PMG works closely with top executives and more to develop ongoing narratives around industry topics, translating them into keynote presentations, social content, webinars, and more. PMG provides end-to-end support from story flow, to design, to talking points.

Webinar Development

PMG works closely with top executives at the client to develop ongoing narratives around industry topics, translating them into keynote presentations, social content, webinars, and more. PMG provides end-to-end support from story flow, to design, to talking points, to social media amplification.

Webinar Example with Beautiful Powerpoint Designs
Executive Editorials & Blog Posts for a Fortune 50 Silicon Chip Maker, example

Executive Newsroom Articles & Blog Posts

From press releases, executive newsroom editorials and contributed articles, to executive white papers and product briefs, our team is the preferred messaging and content subject matter expert partner for this tech behemoth.  

Executive Blogs Mockup

Technical Illustrations & Infographics

PMG’s creative team delivers illustrations and graphics to support product-driven content, helping audiences of various levels of technical expertise understand the value of their technologies. 

Power Amplifier Tech illustration
Power Amplifier example of a technical illustration work by a tech-friendly marketing agency
5g employee training

5G Employee Training

PMG also assists the company with training their large employee workforce on 5G technologies to deepen organization understanding of their work in this area.

5g employee training

From the Client

PMG's deep understanding of emerging technologies, and strategic content skill set have been invaluable to driving our position as a leader in 5G. They turn complicated concepts into messages and stories that move people to action.

Senior Marketer Our Fortune 50 Silicon Chip Maker Client

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