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“Powered by SaaS” B2B Marketing Campaign

By July 12, 2018June 3rd, 2019No Comments

GoodData, a BI (business intelligence) SaaS provider, wanted to build a differentiated narrative around its position and drive awareness, engagement, and ultimately, sales of its “Powered by SaaS” product for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

PMG developed an integrated cross-channel campaign that included a solutions partner program, an interactive online gaming experience, social selling tools, B2B content and email campaigns to drive new business.

“The digital experience PMG built for our ‘Powered by’ SaaS offering has been a top performer—integrating an interactive gaming experience with compelling content to drive lead gen and conversion.” — Jeff Morris, VP Marketing, GoodData

To date, the DataLand online experience has generated more than $8M in pipeline and $3.4M in annual recurring revenue. For a closer look at the “Powered by SaaS” campaign, check out the full case study.