Digital & Social Strategy:

Drive engagement, conversion, retention and advocacy.


Reach and captivate your target audience with multiple touchpoints across the web and social media.


Develop marketing strategies and campaign tools that prompt B2B audiences to action with social and digital.

Lay the framework for an end-to-end roadmap that drives precisely the results you need.

Human Touch

You strive to provide value for your customers, which starts at the first point of contact. To develop strong ties between brand and customer, it’s imperative to start off on the right foot and build on a strong foundation. This is why even though PMG is a B2B digital marketing agency, we approach your targets as people, not just leads, which opens the door to genuine engagement and conversation.

Brand Affinity

Every company strives for brand affinity, but most fall far short. To reach this goal and build brand equity, we help companies consider every interaction as an opportunity to exceed expectations. Your advertising, content, social media, email marketing, website-—all of these components contribute to whether a user experience is meaningful and able to drive results.

Premium Experience

All of us are bombarded by messages all day long. The only way to break through the barrage is to provide a fantastic experience worth your targets' attention. By weaving together pointed messaging and exceptional content on channels that your targets frequent, PMG uses digital marketing and social media to form the backbone of an effective strategy.

Digital & Social Strategy in Action

Digital and social campaign with rackspace's customer testimonials to communicate their value prop

Rackspace PPC Campaign: Leveraged the power of customer testimonials to communicate Rackspace’s value prop within a digital campaign.

Graphical showcase of nondigital marketing materials designed for CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet Brand Campaign: End-to-end digital and social distribution strategy for the commercial real estate crowdfunding platform’s brand relaunch campaign.

paid social campaigns that PMG created and developed to support co-branded campaigns with the major airlines.

Spokane International Airport Paid Facebook Campaigns: Creation and management of paid social campaigns to support co-branded campaigns with the major airlines.

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