B2B Demand Generation:

Command attention to drive awareness and intent.


Acquire quality leads through focused targeting and original content while keeping a vigilant eye to prioritize quality over quantity.


Go beyond typical B2B demand generation with brilliant marketing that proves your company is an industry leader.

Create captivated audiences that drive demand for your products and solutions.

Comprehensive Approach

Always consider the realities of your industry and ideal buyer before setting your B2B demand generation strategy. Between inbound and outbound, there are countless ways to acquire quality leads. At PMG, we work as partner to our clients to determine the most strategic approach.

Consistent Optimization

Real world marketing needs to be dynamic to meet the needs of your industry and targeted personas. As such, B2B demand generation is a living process and every new campaign is an opportunity for us to work with you to learn, optimize, and improve.

Quality Leads

Anyone can deliver leads, but that’s not what your company needs. With a desire to shorten sales cycles and improve contract values, the quality of a lead takes a front seat at PMG. Lead quality is constantly top of mind and through the use of strategic frameworks we're able to develop the type of programs and content that will resonate with your high-value target accounts.

B2B Demand Generation in Action

Example of a content marketing campaign to express your company story in your buyers language

goTransverse Lead Generation Campaign: Developed a strategy and created premium content to reach SaaS executives via a custom content hub, targeted emails and digital ads.

B2B content marketing agency designed this campaign to assist GTT with securing first meetings with targeted CIOs.

GTT Pipeline Campaign Targeting CIOs: Concepted and executed a highly-targeted ABM campaign by outlining GTT’s core differentiators under the overall campaign theme of “Listen. See. Believe.” The campaign included a high-value direct mail gift program that was part of a comprehensive campaign targeting 300 enterprise-level CIOs.

End-to-end digital and social distribution strategy of a direct mailer for the commercial real estate crowdfunding platform’s brand relaunch campaign.

CrowdStreet Direct Mail Campaign: Developed and executed a direct mail campaign demonstrating how CrowdStreet helps investors “Build Wealth” that launched in tandem with digital elements to drive new investor business on the heels of the fintech’s brand relaunch.

Bring Your High-Value Target Accounts Front and Center

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