PMG is a Content Marketing & Demand

Generation Agency for Tech and SaaS.

Born in wireless,

Steeped in Tech

For more than 15 years, we’ve lived and breathed tech, touching virtually every aspect of the ecosystem. From smart things and devices, to the infrastructure and technology that supports them, and the software, cloud services and content that give them purpose—we understand where they fit into the market and the experiences they enable. We know where the market has been, and we know where it’s going.

Agency Leadership

Our intimate understanding of enterprise marketing, deep tech subject matter expertise, and exceptional storytelling skills allows our clients to spend less time ramping and more time driving leads.

Kim Charlton


As a founding partner at PMG, Kim provides leadership-level oversight for the development of strategies and campaigns that help B2B companies break through the clutter, differentiate from their competitors, communicate their unique value propositions, and most importantly—create demand. Kim's understanding of the tech market is comprehensive; from hardware and components, to SaaS and PaaS, to content, service and network providers—some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world have called upon PMG’s expertise.

Brian Linver


Brian is a Founding Partner at PMG. His career in marketing began in Texas at Ogilvy & Mather working on technology and food accounts. After a move to Oregon, he shifted to the client side at AT&T Wireless where for eleven years he pioneered co-marketing programs with partners like MTV, Disney and the NFL, among others.

Jessica Legg

VP Marketing

Jessica started her career in tech as Director of Account Strategy for PMG where she developed product-driven strategies, crafted targeted messaging and content, and concepted and executed campaigns for some of the largest tech companies in the world, including: Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, AT&T and Verizon. Jessica went on to take her skills to the client-side where she served as Head of Digital & Content Marketing at Integra—developing holistic corporate marketing programs across multiple channels. There, and at GoodData, she led successful teams in developing thought leadership, premium content, social and blog materials, as well as web and digital strategies. In the role just prior to returning to PMG, Jessica was Head of Demand Generation at Grand Rounds—where she took ownership of the funnel, leading Account-Based Marketing efforts based on ICPs to drive opportunities and conversions. She also managed the marketing stack for end-to-end reporting and closed-loop analysis. Coming full circle, Jessica returned to lead PMG's strategy as a content and digital agency, deeply specialized in tech and SaaS.

Aubrey Beck

Director of Digital

Aubrey is PMG's Director of Digital Strategy. She is known for uncovering digital content strategies and distribution paths that generate demand for tech and SaaS companies. Prior to PMG, Aubrey worked for four years in senior strategy and director-level roles at Salted Stone, an award-winning digital agency and HubSpot Diamond partner in Los Angeles. Aubrey brings two years of experience working with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the marketing and licensing programs for his namesake company, as well as one year of contributing to brand strategy and marketing communications for SteelHouse—an ad tech company in Silicon Beach. Before signing on to work with Dr. Aldrin, Aubrey traveled internationally and domestically in a business development and public relations role for an early mover in the wearable tech industry working on NASA-funded projects.

Mary McPherson

Director of Content

Mary is Director of Content at PMG. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing, Mary has spent time on both the client and agency side, driving adoption, engagement, and revenue for B2B and B2C brands. Her roots as a strategist deepened when she specialized in content marketing at Treehouse, an EdTech company where she managed a team of marketers. At PMG, she works with a tight team to produce incredible content and campaigns for tech clients.

I’ve been here almost since the beginning — nearly 15 years! The overall culture and our agency’s commitment to integrity, excellence, and especially people is the reason I’ve committed my graphic design career to PMG.

Katrina BlackwellArt Director

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