PMG is a Content Marketing

Agency for Tech and SaaS.

Tech Expertise

We are passionate about helping impactful technology reach the right audience.

Agency Creativity

We communicate the value of your ground-breaking technologies with innovative campaigns.

B2B Know-How

We craft powerful narratives to meet the dynamic needs of your B2B sales funnel.

Our Story

In late 2003, AT&T was planning its merger with Cingular Wireless

under secret code name Project Pinnacle.

Kim Charlton and Brian Linver, ten-year veterans of AT&T, were offered the chance to continue in their tenured roles, but saw the corporate change-up as an opportunity to branch out on their own.

Inspired by the emerging tech market, and anchored in the expertise they honed coming up in the early pioneering days of wireless, Project Pinnacle became the impetus for the co-workers to open their own marketing agency. And with this, Pinnacle Marketing Group, known more often today as PMG, was born.

Today, PMG has evolved from serving the wireless industry to serving as a trusted partner to many Fortune 100 companies in the tech ecosystem.

Our clients are innovating at the convergence of cloud, computing and wireless, and our team’s shared subject matter expertise across software, hardware, networking, telecommunications, and cloud helps us tell the story of why our clients’ technology matters and where it fits into the market.

Our Team

Our intimate understanding of enterprise marketing, deep tech subject matter expertise, and exceptional storytelling skills allows our clients to spend less time ramping and more time driving leads.

We know from experience that it’s an “evolve or die” market, which is why we’re driven everyday to stay focused on understanding emerging technologies and the always-shifting ways in which people communicate and interact. Because at the heart of it, our clients rely on us to tell their tech stories better than anyone else.

PMG is certified by the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise in Washington as a woman-owned business and two of our three executive positions are filled by women. We strive to create an inclusive environment for all and our team ranges from 25-58 years old, representing a vibrant mix of religious upbringings and belief systems. The work we do at PMG supports a range of blended, loving families of all racial backgrounds, as well as members of our proud military.

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